Our one speed cruiser is the stylish and sturdy Giant Simple Single

  • One speed simplicity with 'back pedal brakes'

  • Big comfy saddle

  • Can also mount a basket for extra storage at no extra charge

  • Available in men's or women's styles

Our 7 speed cruisers are either the Pure model from Trek or the  Giant Suede. Both have incredible style and are super comfortable too!
Our mountain bike is the rough and ready Giant Sedona DX
Our speedy and comfortable city bike is the Giant Escape.
Our sleek and fast road bike is the Giant Defy 2

All rentals are prorated to the 1/4 hour. The half day rate is for between 3 and 6 hours. The full day is a rental over 7 hours between opening and closing.

Bike Style1 hourhalf dayall day
One Speed Cruiser6.6720.0026.67
Seven Speed Cruiser8.5725.7134.29
Comfort Mtn. Bike8.5725.7134.29
City Bike8.5725.7134.29
Road Bike15.2445.7160.95
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