Spokes Bicycle Rentals

Child Seat


Our Child’s seat is the Thule RideAlong
*Please see 'ADDITIONAL' tab for age limits and weight restrictions.

  • After the 1st hour, rental time is prorated to the nearest ¼ hr.
  • Pay when you return
  • All rentals include the use of a lock and a helmet.

----Our rentals are on a first come, first served basis----

RESERVATIONS ARE NOT REQUIRED except forGroups 10+, which must be secured with a credit card at least one week in advance.



Riding along with Mum and Dad is easy and safe at Spokes. We have several kid-friendly options but, if you're just starting out in this world, our Child Seat may be your best bet. We have rear mounted child seats, or front mounted child seats for the really little ones.

*Please note that, for safety reasons, we only rent our Child Seats to be attached to our own rental mountain bikes.


Additional Information

Product Tab

Minimum age - 9 months

Weight limits:

  • Front - 30lbs/15kg
  • Rear - 40lbs/18kg

  • Bike Type Accessories , Kids
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